Video in Web Design

Do you make videos for your business? How is it not? Video marketing has long become an integral part of web design, it is used by owners of various business niches. Urgently read our article and increase sales and site conversion!



YouTube has long been a substitute for television, video bloggers have become the hosts of a new format, and the videos themselves have become a powerful promotion tool. Everyone watches videos, especially young people. From the videos they learn about new products, movies, clothes, events in the world – why not learn about your company?

Web design is not only about creating websites. This is also the development of mobile applications, the creation and integration of selling elements, the selection of typography, color, animation and other effects. But let’s not get into the jungle – let’s talk about a regular video posted on the website of a small business company or online store.

Video on the site solves several problems at once:

  • increases the time spent by the visitor on the site. This is logical: a video can hook the reader even if they don’t like the overall design and structure. And once hooked, there are more chances that he will still look at the assortment and evaluate your offer;
  • saves space. This is especially important for landing pages, or landing pages, where the design is limited by rules. Instead of a long text, use a video – the essence is the same, but it takes up much less space;
  • increases conversion – according to some sources, up to 80 percent;
  • increases traffic in search results. It’s simple: the link to the video appears on the top pages of the search and leads to your site;
  • gives more vivid information about the product than text or even a photo. With the help of a video, you can clearly show how to use the product, what it is, what it will give you when buying it;
  • videos do not just give information – they evoke emotions in people, making them rejoice and worry, sad and regret. The desire to possess something, product and service is also an emotion. It can be played;
  • perform an entertaining function. A timely recorded video, funny or unusual, can give a viral effect: users will distribute them on social networks and share with each other. As a result, an ordinary, even non-professional video can get millions of views;
  • introduce visitors to your team in person. This can be achieved by recording a few videos in an entertaining manner or by holding educational webinars. The main thing is that the user will identify you with the brand. The company will have a face;
  • covers all possible target audiences: a good video can interest any category of the population and even attract the target audience that you have not previously considered. For example, young people, teenagers, mothers with children and so on.


First, let’s review the basic principles of web design and think about how they can be associated with video.

  • UX and UI design – aimed at making the process of searching and choosing products enjoyable and lead the visitor to the target action – buying a product, leaving contact information and others. Everything is important in UX/UI design: colors, active elements, and site navigation. Video can also be woven into this structure – first giving the visitor general information about the product, and then showing in detail how it is used.
  • The structure of the site is also designed to make life easier for the visitor. Instead of an endless catalog where brand names and categories, new items and sales are mixed up in a heap, a competent web designer thinks over a logical and understandable structure. Let’s take an online store: a visitor must select a product, look at its card and place an order. So, in the card, among other things, you can publish a video as an extra argument for buying.
  • Corporate identity – if there is one, all videos must also be shot in this style. For example, design the intro and end credits in corporate colors, use familiar fonts. Even if the video is later posted on other resources, the corporate identity will be recognized immediately.
  • Matching trends. Videos should also be shot according to the spirit of the times – see how they are designed and edited by famous video bloggers! Google Trends is a powerful tool that can help you understand what people are searching for on the internet. With Google Trends, you can see how popular a particular search term is, and where in the world people are searching for it. You can also compare multiple terms to see which one is more popular. 
  • adaptive version. If you decide on a video, make sure that you can watch it from both your smartphone and laptop. Have we already said that more than half of your target audience surfs the Internet from the phone? Now imagine how disappointing it is: you came up with a cool video title, the user is interested, he is already ready to turn it on – but the video is not loading!


Let’s get down to specifics. Where exactly to place the video, how to make it more visible, how to convince the visitor to watch it?

  1. On the main page. If you represent a company that offers products or services, make an overview video about your activities and post it on the main page – instead of a thousand words! No, well, words, of course, are also important, but thesis. If you need to advertise a specific product (a novelty in the range, a new line of business) – such a video also has a place on the main page so that the visitor can immediately see it.
  2. In product cards. This applies to online stores with a wide range. You should not place several videos on the main page – do not confuse the visitor. But separately in the cards of goods – a completely different matter. Don’t forget to link to the video from the main page or make a clickable banner so that the video doesn’t get lost in the depths of the site.
  3. On the landing page. Since the landing page advertises one service or product, the video should reveal its essence in detail. This can be an instruction manual, a video review, or reviews from customers who have already made a purchase.


  1. TubeBuddy
  2. Picovico
  3. Wistia
  4. VideoScribe
  5. Movie Maker for Mac 


  • Don’t use auto play. This annoys many. In addition, remember that many users watch videos at work and are encrypted from their superiors.
  • Place a CTA element (call to action) next to the video.
  • Try different options: a detailed description or a short video, or maybe both at once.
  • Do not try to sell directly – you already do it on the site. The video should reveal information about your company or product.
  • Shoot a professional video, invite professionals.
  • Add a video to YouTube, social networks and give a link to your website.