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Toyota is making strides in the automotive industry. We worked with their team to create an interface where achieving their goal of fuel conservations in their Prius line was easy across multiple teams.

Toyota is all about innovating. We couldn't be more thrilled to be apart of that innovation. Our agency aligned perfectly with Toyota's vision, because like us, they like to establish longevity in their collaboration efforts, and their partnership with Mossio was no different. Toyota was kicking off the Prius Challenge, which is a competition based on highest fuel efficiency in the vehicle class.

Mossio was hired to create a data metrics application that would serve as a visual editor for teams to simulate race data before the competition. Our agency was faced with multiple challenges including aggressive timelines, and multiple user avenues which would all have different experiences.

Capturing so many data metrics and putting them into a visual form was a complex task that required a team effort and a very detailed thought process.

Teams could have the ability to test and adjust specific parameters such as speed, throttle, state of battery charge, RPM, and EVO controls. Coaches could also see how slight adjustments would effect a given lap as well as the race as a whole. This would allow a team’s driver to create a strategy ahead of the race and know what their stats should be at each given turn and time on the track.

Turning complex information and data science into usable and simple interfaces, is what we thrive on. Through strategic thinking and a proven creative process, we designed a data rich application that captures multiple data points that display to the user in an elegant manner. We defied limitations by creating the importance of content hierarchy based around our extremely high creative standards.

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