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Bringing the moodboard to a digital form, Moodily was an internal tool that our team used to create moodboards with our clients. We created an exceptional user experience for ease and made it public.

Moodboarding is one of the most important aspects of any design related project, and making sure you involve the right people is absolutely invaluable. Mossio created an internal tool initially to help with moodboarding across our partnerships. While building out the ideation and user experience more deeply, we realized the impact this simple application could have on the design industry.

Challenges within the application design resulted in numerous creative iterations that prompted more minimal concepts and allowed us to put the user at the center stage, while also focusing on crafting an experience around team collaboration.

Collaboration was at the center stage while keeping a focus on a clean and intuitive user experience that embraced its creative user base.

Through strategy and design language we curated a website experience geared toward the primary audience that expressed the values and beliefs of the brand. With careful exploration and creative iterations, we were able to create a compelling digital brochure that showcased real personality, while keeping the content simple and the message significant.

We designed the website to be a thoughtful experience while keeping focus on brand values of fun creativity. With simplicity at the core of our thought process, Moodily is rooted with rich content which extends life to the design language that will inspire with delightful animations and impeccable storytelling.

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