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Hazel Health

Bringing health care to schools is what Hazel Health strives to do. Combining technology with pure passion for student success and optimal wellness, Hazel is making waves in the health care industry.

Setting roots in the technology world for the first time, Hazel Health set out to impress the health care industry with its complete digital experience of doctor to patient visits for kids in school. Hazel's goal is to provide quality health care to every under privileged child across the United States.

Hazel Health, hired Mossio to be its lead design agency for the upcoming launch of the Hazel product, and together we curated the brand and landing page to promote and drive awareness. Working closely with the founders of Hazel, we soon realized the direction of the Hazel brand needed to be fun, inviting but sleek and professional to encompass core brand values. So we started to shape the experience around illustrations.

hazel health care website design
We combined a playful and fun experience with the elegance and professionalism of an established health care provider that appealed to both targeted audiences.

The design language was key for the success of the Hazel Health brand and website effectiveness, and we carried out the character and personality throughout the experience. The new site provides visitors with various paths to learn more about the Hazel service through design which embraces clean and structured navigation, thoughtful storytelling and exceptional content hierarchy.

We worked closely with the team at Hazel Health, and built a relationship that focused on collaboration between their team and our agency. Our process of daily standups, weekly retrospectives, and consistent communication ensured that our collaboration partnership excelled in very possible way, and always kept quick decision making and the iterative process at the forefront.

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