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01. Momentfeed 02. SalesLoft 03. Weebly 04. Simply Hired 05. Favorite Eats

01. our crew

We're a forward thinking design-led team of makers dedicated to connecting brands to their audiences through strategic design. We create joyful digital experiences that solve complex usability problems through beautiful design.

02. what we do

Call us a jack of all trades, we're totally cool with that. Through our proven process and use of enterprise tools, we are able to integrate with your team's flow so that we can collaborate and innovate together. Our main objective with every project is for the final result to be successful.

  • UX / UI

  • Creative Direction
  • User Experience
  • User Interface Strategy
  • Visual Strategy
  • Mobile Apps
  • Web Apps
  • Digital Strategy
  • branding

  • brand discovery
  • advertising
  • visual guidelines
  • packaging
  • retail
  • Development

  • Web Apps
  • Mobile Apps
  • Digital Implementation
  • Rails
  • Angular
  • Node & more

03. our clients

We've had the privilege of working with some of the most brightest and talented companies in the world. Mossio is honored to say we've helped these fine brands.

  • Atv
  • Detox
  • Salesloft
  • Weebly
  • Simplyhired
  • Voyat
  • Momentfeed
  • Easternbank

04. writings

We like to write on occasion. Here are some of the latest articles we’ve published about design, development and overall business in mind. Working with clients have helped shape us into bright minds full of content, and we'd like to share it with you.

01. momentfeed

The folks at Momentfeed hired Mossio to rethink their digital strategy. We worked closely with the Momentfeed team to create a new user interface for both their web based customer discovery app and mobile application.


The application did not have a content shortage. In fact, the content was the main struggle. With so much content being curated by the communities, the challenge was creating visual hierarchy to terms that made sense to users. We crafted an experience that utilized a mosaic layout. We chose this route, because we wanted to separate content to have more of an airy feel. This improves readability and holds the users attention.


A big part of the MomentFeed application is company campaigns. The current state of the campaign creation process was something less than sub par. We were eager to get our hands dirty with this part of the project since it was super challenging. There was a lot of moving parts to this, and the right user experience was critical.


02. SalesLoft

Mossio teamed up with SalesLoft to help them discover new possibilities within their web based sales pipeline application. We collaborated with the SalesLoft team to create a new user interface while preserving the overall functionality.


Mossio was a customer of SalesLoft previously, so when we got the email from Rob Forman, the COO of SalesLoft, we were beyond anxious to talk shop and see where Mossio could fit in to help them. It turned out to be a perfect fit. With having experience in the product, it was easy to discovery pain points from the start. There was a lot of work to be done and we were gearing up to dive in head first.


With such a robust and enterprise platform, the challenge was thinking about a way to simplify the main tasks. We noticed right away from using the application previously, that it felt really disconnected going from task to task. Our main objective was to make the app feel less intimidating, however we also wanted to have a more cohesive experience where the app felt comfortable to navigate through. Making certain aspects of the core task functionality global, was a big undertaking, but it was essential to the success of the project.


Completing core tasks within the application is the heartbeat and bloodline. These task actions needed to feel comfortable to use, easy to read and non intrusive to the user as they could be multi-tasking. Widgets made it possible to have tasks available to the user that would not hinder multitasking capabilities.


03. Weebly

Mossio partnered up with the team at Weebly to reimagine their business and e-commerce marketplace themes. We worked collaboratively with them to create landing pages that showcased the abilities of the Weebly platform.


We were tasked with creating e-commerce and business verticals. These themes were geared towards online shops, brick and mortar and service oriented companies. Mossio worked within the constraints of the Weebly platform to create exceptionally designed themes that catered to business small and large, from all over the world.


Mossio started every theme off with wireframing out the layout, then moving onto color comps with Sketch App. We also were tasked with imagery discovery and implmentation. Capturing the users attention for marketing purposes was vital to the success for the business verticals we were creating.


04. Simply Hired

Mossio worked with the team at Simply Hired to redesign their web app for resume and candidate management. We collaborated with their team to make hiring the right candidate easy and virtually effortless.


Mossio was tasked with taking ordinary data and turning it into stunning visuals. We helped the Simply Hired team create campaign management software that allowed admins to create new job campaigns, see performance values and cost effectiveness through multiple mediums.


The key to any application is ease of use. We discovered way to make candidate and job management simple and beautiful. With an airy interface that made searching posted job titles and prospective candidates a breeze, Simply Hired customers could now focus on what mattered most...hiring.


05. Favorite Eats

Favorite Eats is changing the way foodies stay loyal to their most frequented places. Mossio helped the Favorite Eats team create their mobile experience to make eating rewarding, fun, easy and beautiful.